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Speaking Truth about Our Bodies & Sexuality

During political season it seems truth-telling quickly moves out of fashion. All that  matters is persuasion - even if it includes lying. Yet, when it comes to sexuality, the Christian church has done its own share of spreading misinformation as gospel truth - even though there is no science behind it or even if science can document its error. For example, the church has said "If you have had multiple sexual partners this negatively impacts your sexuality later." and, "If you don't have sex before marriage, your sexual happiness in marriage will be greater." and, "God only made two genders." and, "If you enjoy self-pleasure, this is detrimental to your relationship." and, "If you are attracted to people of the same gender, it is a "lifestyle" and behavioral choice." and, "Having more than one sexual partner will destroy your relationship." and, "A well-adjusted relationship depends on the female being in a "lesser" role." Of course, none of this is supported by scientific research nor does it have any basis in anything Jesus would have believed, said, or taught. So it is obvious we need people to be educated in a sex-positive Christianity that is science-friendly and grounded in the gospel principles of sexual justice rather than simple obedience to Greco-Roman cultural rules about sexuality.

I have been a voice "crying in the wilderness" on this topic for a number of years now so I am turning my attention to those who are behind me on life's journey who can teach people that a sex-positive view of Christianity is possible. In fact, I think it is absolutely imperative if we are to heal the incredible sexual wounding of 2000 years of repressive lies told by the church.

This summer the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith is ironing out the details for a "Training the Trainer" weekend and hosting a trial run with specially selected sexologists and pastors. Our plan in the future is to make such training publicly available. If, like me, you see the importance of setting the record straight, (and a lot of people would have BIG problems with such a goal), join us and make a donation to the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith. www.incarnationinstitute.org

Remember, according to Jesus it is the truth that shall set us free! (John 8:32)



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