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Reading the Bible with Sex-Positive Eyes: 4 Webinars

I am excited to announce we have a four-part webinar titled, “Reading the Bible with Sex-Positive Eyes” to help people who are caught in the trap of religiously-induced sex negativity (shame and guilt) – and to help those who love them. The questions we answer are, “How in God’s name did the church become so antagonistic to the body and sex?”, “What is an alternative to the way the church (usually) teaches sexual morality?, “What are the key biblical passages supporting sex-negativity and ones that teach an alternative narrative?” and “How can I make moral sexual decisions that are consistent with a faith that embraces sexual freedom, pleasure and diversity?”

If you have ever wanted to study with me, here is the opportunity- register for one class or all four. Go online at Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith. The classes are:

Introduction to the Bible and Sex-Negativity

Discerning Truth, Discerning Culture

Sex in the Bible: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Sex: How? When? Under What Circumstances?

Each webinar is 1 1/2 hours long (including Q/A)

A package of all four webinars is offered for $60, or classes can be purchased a la carte for $20 each.

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