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It's Happening Over and Over: It's Embarrassing

For two weeks in a row now sexually conflicted married male Christian pastors have destroyed their careers. Why? Because they did not deal with their sexual needs in a healthy or appropriate way.

First, a Michigan pastor and father of five who had an anti-gay theology was forced to resign when he was outed for doing what he so self-righteously condemned others for doing. The following week a Tennessee pastor who was arrested for absconding with $60,000 of his church’s funds was also apparently cruising dating sites - presumably without his wife’s knowledge. When pastors don’t sort out their own sexual needs and desires they usually destroy not only their own careers but harm their wives and families and leave their congregations numb and scarred. (Not to mention the damage done to the reputation of Christianity!) Note the problems  of credibility facing the Roman Catholic church now due to disclosures throughout the globe of sexual abuse by priests!

But the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith teaches a sex-positive Christianity that promotes self-knowledge and understanding and normalizes sexuality so people become more comfortable with their personal sexual issues and less likely to implode and ruin lives. And while companies that insure churches and denominations now require pastors to attend "ethical boundary" seminars do they do NOT sexually act out, there are few places that help pastors  to integrate sexuality with their Christian faith --BEFORE they get into their messes. This is why our crowdfunding initiative is so-o-o-o important!

We need to help Christian leadership get their act together so they will stop making headlines of sexual duplicity and hypocrisy! It doesn't have to be that way! Learn more about our plans with our video:



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