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God as Erotic Passion

If you had to put your thoughts on God and sex into one sentence, could you do it? The connection of the sacred and the physical, the intimate link between our soul’s search and our body’s sensual experiences is at the heart of my understanding of Christian spirituality. It is the deepest truth of the incarnation. It is also my life’s passion and the focus of my call to ministry. So when I put these ideas into a sermon my one-line sentence was: “A Veiled Gospel Truth: God as Erotic Passion.”  It actually is quite simple, even algebraic and I don’t even like algebra! If A=B and B=C then, A=C. If love as Eros or erotic passion is the creative force of the universe according tot he poets and if God, who is love, is the creative force of the universe according to Genesis, then, God is erotic passion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omx8WRvqVBA

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