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Christians and Sacred Sex

Every now and then I get a sexual question from a Christian trying to sort through sexual ethics in a moral way. The latest one is about Tantric sex and here is my answer.

I have a question regarding Tantra, sexuality and Christianity. Do you think we can embrace it and if so how can even a latent follower find peace to enjoy it?

My simple understanding of Tantra is that it is an intentional process of removing all of our defenses and fully trusting one's partner (and oneself) in order to meet soul to soul or heart to heart (as well as body to body.) I think Christians would embrace this idea as commendable as well. But we just don't have a theology that addresses how to do it as do the Tantra practitioners who have studied this for millennia. So while Tantric lovers seek and experience sacred sex Christians tend to back away from that in distrust.

Unfortunately, I think it is defenses and fears in our psyche placed there by Christian dogma that stands in our way of finding peace with or even attempting to experience sacred sex. Rather Christians are more likely to ask, "Is this wrong? Will I be swept away and forget to be righteous? Will the pleasure overwhelm my rational mind? Is this idolatry if I enjoy it too much?"

But such a distrust of pleasure and fear of being overwhelmed by the irrationality of it comes to Christianity for the most part, from Plato and other Greeks before the time of Jesus, not from anything Jesus taught. Yet, if we truly believed (as we say we do) that God is in these bodies in the form of the Holy Spirit, and that we can see God in one another (a premise that the Quakers teach quite explicitly), then why shouldnt we also find God/Sacred during sexual expression with a beloved? Indeed, if God is known in the flesh, as the doctrine of incarnation teaches us, then by living righteous lives that are grounded in the abundant love and excessive forgiveness of God (as Jesus did) then sacred sex should be accessible to Christians as well. Remember, no guilt, no shame, no fear. The body is good. Sex is good. Pleasure is God's gift! So go for it!

And if you want an idea of where to start,check out my Youtube video "The Very Best Sex."



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