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Biblical Stories and Sexual Ethics 12/4/14

Bathsheba and David by Jan Matsys

Ever wondered if Bathsheba gave her consent when King David ordered her to his house for the purpose of having sex? And if she did not (and how does one say 'no' to a king anyway?!) can we not call that rape? Hm-m-m, bet you never heard a sermon on that angle! Or, is seduction ever honorable? Seems Ruth and Naomi thought it was justified. And in the Samson and Delilah story why is it that Delilah is always painted as the slut when, in fact, Samson was hardly an honorable man throughout most of his life. That story asks us to examine our definitions of morality.

These are some of the biblical scenarios that Rev Bev suggests can be used to encourage teens and young adults to discuss their own sexual decision-making process. Sex educators and counselors will be learning her ideas at the National Sex Ed Conference December 4th in Meadowland NJ. The rest of us will have to wait while she works on her book on the topic. In the meantime, here is the link to the pdf of a published article on the topic.


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