People Are Talking About Rev. Bev!

“I have been waiting twenty years to hear a voice like yours saying these things.” A.D., attorney-at-law



“Dr. Beverly Dale, with creativity and sensitivity, broke the silence in our church about erotic love. Using her wonderful gifts of drama,  dance and song she invited us to listen to the passionate, sensual and joyful God who is incarnate within each of us. Dr. Dale's own spirit  filled presentation encouraged us all to live more abundantly as  embodied women and men.”

Rev. Marcus Pomeroy, former Co-Pastor, Central Baptist Church, Wayne, PA

“Rev. Dale has a passion to present an alternative way for society and the Church to offer to all human beings about our gift of sexuality. Her skills of script writing, music composition and performance, and acting bring a special way to get people to share and discuss, which, for many, is a step toward healing of their past painful experiences with sex in their lives.”

Kathy Stayton, co-founder of the YES! Coalition

“Rev. Dale brings integrity, knowledge and an openness toward discussion of human sexuality that is beneficial to understanding and learning.”

Rev. Dr. W. Darwin Collins, Regional Minister, Disciples of Christ in Pennsylvania


"She is comfortable with any subject that students bring up around sexuality, spirituality, or religion and replies with clear, solid theological responses. She does this through humor, fun exercises, games, and performances such as "An Irreverent Journey from Eggbeaters to Vibrators." What woman clergy would dare to do that? Answer: Beverly Dale." 

Rev. Dr. William Stayton,  Faculty Emeritus at Morehouse School of Medicine, former chair of AASECT, founder of the Center for Sexuality and Religion

“Healthy conversation on sexuality is key to healthy churches and healthy people. Rev. Dale is engaged in those efforts and is willing and able to help others do the same. Let the conversations begin!”

Mary E. Hunt, Ph.D, Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual