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Reverend Beverly Dale is a published writer, vocalist, and performer, in addition to being an ordained minister. Her ministry has taken her from being a Pastor in a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) parish in Illinois for 6 years to 21 years of campus ministry at the University of Pennsylvania and now as the Founder and Chair of the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith. This is an educational non-profit that teaches an inclusive, science-friendly and sex-positive Christianity. 

Her ministry has a very specific and unique focus: to help people of faith heal from the sexual wounding that occurs when they are taught to separate the spirit from the body, and also to provide tools for those who are developing a Christian theology that affirms the body and pleasure as God-given.

"Rev. Bev" can be contacted through this website.  We also invite you to sign up for email updates and to connect with her on Facebook.

Rev Bev's "courage is amazing!"

~ Dr. Virginia Ramey Mollenkott