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Sexuality and Christianity: Keeping the Sexy without Losing the Faith
by Raymond Simon
November 6, 2012 in Philadelphia Weekly

Eros Flowing Like Crazy With Penn Minister
November 6, 2012 on the Philadelphia Will Do blog

by Len Lear
October 17, 2012 in the Chestnut Hill Local

Manipulating a Woman's Emotions
By Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale
2/25/2012 in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Abortion oversight bill does more harm than good
By Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale
5/4/2011 in the Patriot News

The Rev Bev preaches the goodness of sex
By Art Carey, Philadelphia Inquirer columnist
1/24/2011 in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Body, spirit connection
By Susan Shelly, Reading Eagle correspondent
1/23/2010 in the Reading Eagle

Hearts, Not Body Parts, Rule Sexual Behavior Best
by Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale
4/10/2008 in the Wall Street Journal

Reverend blends religion with 'erotic passion'
By Alissa Eisenberg
11/5/2007 in the Daily Pennsylvanian

Positive sexuality leads to healing and justice, says Disciples minister
By Heidi Bright Parales, DisciplesWorld contributing writer
7/11/2007 in DisciplesWorld

Sex and God - all in a day's work
by Heather Schwedel
9/12/2006 in the Daily Pennsylvanian

Prayer For One Who Has Had an Abortion
by Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale
in Philadelphia Inquirer